Tips on when it is time to paint your roof


Repainting anything on or in your house is a decision you need to think about since it not only costs money, but you also don't to be stuck with a colour you don't like, or that doesn't match the rest of your colour scheme.

If you are unsure about whether your roof needs to be repainting, look for the following signs.

Cracked or Chipped Paint

Paint is usually very susceptible to wearing and tearing, but roof paint is pretty durable since it has to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, hail and constant UV rays from the sun, so if you see any kind of damage, then it's time to give it a brand new coat of fresh paint.

Faded Colour

As mentioned above, roof paint jobs are continually being hit by harsh weather such as rain, hail and UV rays and while your roof paint is designed to withstand these, after a while, it can start to fade and won't resemble the original colour you wanted. For some, this may not be a big deal as this process can be extremely slow for the human sight power notice. However, if you aim for prefection and like the way  then hiring some roofing specialist from Seal a Roof to repaint, is a good option.

Visible Signs of Damage

If your paint has been damaged, then there is a good to fair chance that the sealant you had applied to your roof has become compromised, thus allowing outside factors to damage your roof. The sealant is applied on top of a paint job to keep it looking good and staying strong, but if the sealant is worn off, then the rest of your roof is in danger.

Having your roof repainted and then resealed is a great way to ensure that your roof avoids any further damage in the future.

When you want to repaint a roof, there are several things you need to consider that you wouldn't need to think about if it was just a wall inside your house, this is because your roof plays a big part in both keeping you and your home safe and also contributing to the temperature of your house. If you go with a darker colour, then your house will be warmer in winter but may become unbearable in summer.

Roofing is an art form, and many people take this for granted and think that once you put your roof on you never have to think about it again, but in reality your roof is just like any other part of your house and needs to be monitored to track and measure any and all damaged done to it.

If you live in or around the Nowra, Wollongong or Sothern Highlands areas and need a new coat of paint on your roof, you should call the number one roofing experts around, and that's Seal a Roof.

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